Lost your job?

Have you just lost your job? Don’t worry – you can call us now on 01789763699 to discuss your situation without obligation and without it costing you a penny. If the facts are complicated, it might help us both if you email us first. This will also help you get things clear in your mind soon after the event and will be useful to you if you want to make a claim later.

Discrimination or work related stress?

Maybe you are off sick or suffering from work-related stress? Have you been harassed or bullied, or been the victim of discrimination? It shouldn’t happen – at work or anywhere else - but we all know it does. Ask yourself if you can carry on, or if you feel you’ve reached the end of the road. I'm here to help you, but contact us soon – it’s easy to make a tactical mistake which you will regret later. Again, email us first if the facts are complicated.

Changed employment terms

Has your employer’s business been sold and your employment terms have been changed? Has the contract you worked on been given to another company? Don’t be walked over - you have legal rights. Or perhaps you just haven’t been paid everything that’s due to you. Maybe your employer has gone bust owing you money? We can tell you about your rights and help you to enforce them.

Sale issues

It could be your choice to leave, of course. Are in sales and your employer is threatening you because you want to take your customers with you? Take advice fast or you could be on the wrong end of an injunction - not a nice place to be.

Company directors

If you are a company director, or hold an equivalent position, contact us – you have special rights, but special obligations too, and a failure to honour them could leave you in very deep water. 


Whatever has happened to you, if you are an employee – or an ex-employee - we can help you with proper professional representation. It needn’t cost as much as you might think, and it might not cost anything at all. Call us on 01789 763699 to discuss your options.
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